Chairman’s word

Providing Education to students is the most happiest and good thing that I ever knew. One day I woke with my head raising with an important thought that the Strength of our country lies in its foundation. School Education is therefore rightly regarded as the base depending on which one’s life structure takes shape. The roots of our institute, Satyam International School has been prudentially laid extrapolating the basic Inspiration from Vedas where education is rightly defined in three principles – Sravana, Manana and Niddhyaasana. Sravana which means listening, Manana which means assimilating it, Niddhyaasana which means living up to it.By the virtue I have been placed in such a responsible position of contributing into the nation building exercise through education. I am overwhelmed with both emotions & responsibilities. But I do overcome that by providing you the best education you can dream of and you must fulfil your own dreams, your parent’s wish and the institution’s goal and the nation’s pride.

Education Partners

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